PERFECT RUBBER manufactures internationally acclaimed quality of polyurethane elastomer system that are available in wide range of hardness.Polyurethane elastomers are highly appreciated for their sturdiness,longer service life,abrasion resistance and impact resistance .These prepolymers are innovative polyurethane system with excellent physical properties and durability while applicable to a number of industrial usage .They can be customized to meet the requirements of clients.

Our Industries

  •    Oil & Gas
  •    Chemical and Marine
  •    Pipe line
  •    Building
  •    Coated Fabrics
  •    Engineered components
  •    Food Industries
  •    Paper Indsutries
  •    Mining Industires
  •    Sand gravel
  •    Automotive
  •    Glass Factories
  •    Aluminium & Glass
  •    Interior-Furniture
  •    Concrete blocks
  •    Cement
  •    Ready Mix Plants


The commitment to excellence at PERFECT RUBBER INDUSTRIES LLC is the responsibility of every person.
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